Antique Edwardian Sterling silver epergne


Hallmarked in London for 1902 by Horace Woodward & Co.

Sterling Silver.



An Antique Edwardian Sterling silver epergne which has a plain round shaped base with curved edges and has been designed to hold five vases in total. At the base there is a gallery with four circular sections to hold the smaller vases and the tall tulip shaped vase rests in the centre of the epergne. By screwing the tall vase tightly in position, it keeps the whole epergne firm and secure. This attractive and well made silver epergne would make an ideal table feature and would look wonderful displayed with flowers.

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Additional Information

Height : 37.00 cms.

Length : 30.00 cms.

Diameter of base : 15.00 cms.

Excellent condition.


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