Antique Edwardian Sterling silver grape scissors


Hallmarked in Birmingham for 1907 by Elkington.

Sterling Silver.



A pair of Antique Edwardian Sterling silver grape scissors which are mainly plain with long handles, patterned decoration at the ends and ring attachments which are comfortable to hold. The blades to cut the grapes are in excellent working order and perform perfectly well. These well made and well cared for silver grape scissors would make an ideal gift and would be practical to use. They sit neatly within the original box. They are 18.50 cms in length and weigh 4.70 troy ounces(145 grams).

Postage with insurance is offered as complimentary within the price of these silver grape scissors.

Additional Information

Height : 1.50 cms.

Length : 18.50 cms.

Width : 5.80 cms.

Weight : 4.70 troy ounces (145 grams).

Excellent condition.


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