Antique George VI Sterling silver fish cutlery set(sold)

Hallmarked in Sheffield for 1945 by Mappin and Webb.

Sterling Silver.



Twelve pairs of  Antique George VI Sterling silver fish eaters which have made in the Athenaeum pattern design and consist of twelve silver fish knives and twelve silver fish forks together with a pair of silver fish servers made in the same pattern.  These stylish silver fish eaters would look wonderful displayed on the table and would make a useful addition to an Athenaeum pattern canteen.  They have been made to an extremely high standard, remain in excellent condition and come complete with some useful cloth wraps perfect for keeping them clean and tidy.

Each fish knife measures 20.80 cms in length and each fish fork measures 18.50 cms in length. The serving knife is 28.50 cms long and the serving fork is 22.50 cms long. In total they weigh 47.60 troy ounces (1480 grams) and consist of 26 pieces .

Complimentary postage with insurance is included within the price of these silver fish cutlery set.

Additional Information

Length of fork : 18.50 cms.

Length of knife : 20.80 cms.

Length of serving fork : 22.50 cms.

Length of serving knife : 28.50 cms.

Weight : 47.60 troy ounces (1480 grams).

Excellent condition.


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