Antique Scottish Sterling silver candelabra


Hallmarked in Edinburgh for 1901 by Hamilton and Inches.

Sterling Silver.



A pair of Antique Scottish Sterling silver candelabra which have plain oval shaped loaded bases, tall columns and three light branches with sweeping arms and detachable nozzles. The branches of these Edwardian candelabra can be removed so that they can be used solely as candlesticks, if so desired, which makes this pair of silver candelabra more versatile. They are attractive to the eye and would be practical to use on the table. The overall height is 51.00 cms and the spread of the arms is 42.60 cms.

Additional Information

Height of candelabra : 51.00 cms.

Height of the candlestick : 31.00 cms.

Width : 42.60 cms.

Excellent condition.


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