Antique Scottish Sterling silver fish knives and forks


Hallmarked in Glasgow for 1909/10 by Lawson & Co Ltd.

Sterling Silver.



Twelve pairs of Antique Edwardian Scottish Sterling silver fish knives and forks which are unusual in design and fit neatly in the original box which is still in excellent condition. The forks have plain bodies with pointed ends and they have been designed with three tines which are still long and even and the knives are equally plain with pointed ends and flat blades. There is a crest that sits on the front of each piece which completes the overall design. These fish knives and forks have been hallmarked in Glasgow for 1909 and 1910 and remain in excellent condition. One fork must have been lost over the years and was sympathetically renewed and matches perfectly with the original items. It was hallmarked in Edinburgh for 2005 and now makes the set complete again. Each fork is 18.60 cms in length and each knife is 20.40 cms in length. There are twenty four pieces in total.

Additional Information

Length of each fork : 18.60 cms.

Length of each knife : 20.40 cms.

Weight : 36.30 troy ounces (1128 grams).

Excellent condition.


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