Antique Victorian 9 Carat Gold Combination Sovereign/Vesta Case(sold)

Hallmarked in Birmingham for 1900 by Walter and George Myers.

9 Carat Gold.



An Antique Victorian 9 carat gold combination Sovereign/vesta case which is rectangular shape in design with a push button at the top to open the case which reveals a spring mechanism to hold the Sovereigns.  At the bottom there is a hinged lid which opens to house the matches and a striking mechanism at the base to light them.  The body has been nicely engraved which enhances the appearance of this combination Sovereign/vesta case  and there is a ring at the top so that it can be worn if so desired.  This wonderful Sovereign/vesta case has been well cared for over the years and would make an important addition to a collection.  It weighs 27 grams.

Complimentary postage is included within the price.

Additional Information

Length : 7.7 cms (3″).

Width : 2.9 cms (1.1″).

Thickness : 1.3 cms (0.5″).

Weight : 27 grams.

Excellent condition.


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