Antique Victorian Sterling silver cutlery set


Hallmarked in Birmingham for 1890 by Elkington.

Sterling Silver.



An Antique Victorian Sterling silver cutlery set which has been designed for twelve persons in the feather edge pattern by Elkington. It is a straight set which means that every piece is dated the same and consists of :

12 x table forks measuring :       20.80 cms.

12 x dessert forks measuring :   17.90 cms

12 x table spoons measuring :    21.70 cms

12 x dessert spoons measuring : 18.80 cms

12 x teaspoons measuring :          14.20 cms

4 x serving spoons measuring : 22.20 cms

2 x sauce ladles measuring :        18.70 cms

There are 66 pieces in total. This original set has been well cared for over the years and is still in pristine condition. It would be perfect to use and would grace any dining table. There is a crest of a boar on the front of each item which is part of the history of this complete set. Some useful wraps have been provided to keep the pieces clean and tidy.






Additional Information

Weight 134.00 troy ounces (4167 grams).

Excellent condition.


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