Antique Victorian Sterling silver Sovereign/vesta case


Hallmarked in Birmingham for 1893 by A & J Zimmerman.

Sterling Silver.



An Antique Victorian Sterling silver combination Sovereign/vesta case which is rectangular in shape with attractive leaf and flower decoration on each side of the body, a vacant cartouche on the front and a ring at the top so that it can be worn if so desired. At one end there is button to open the lid of the Sovereign case to reveal a spring mechanism designed to house the Sovereigns. At the other end there is a tight fitting hinged lid which opens to hold the matches with a striking mechanism at the top to light them. The interiors are still nicely gilded and the quality and condition is excellent. This would make an ideal addition to a collection.

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Additional Information

Height : 9.00 cms.

Width : 2.50 cms.

Depth : 1.50 cms.

Weight : 1.80 troy ounces (56 grams).

Excellent condition.


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