Elizabeth II Sterling silver pheasants


Hallmarked in London for 1954 and 1966 by Edward Barnard.

Sterling Silver.



A wonderful matched pair of Elizabeth II Sterling silver pheasants which have been captured in upright positions with detailed markings to the bodies, heads and wings. They have been well designed with lifelike expressions which make them look impressive when displayed on the table. The height of the male is 13.2 cms (5.2″) and the length is 31 cms (12.2″”). The height of the female is 15.4 cms (6.1″) and the length is 30 cms (11.8″). The total weight is 45.5 troy ounces (1415 grams).

Complimentary postage is included within the price.

Additional Information

Height of male : 13.2 cms (5.2″).

Length of male : 31 cms (12.2″).

Width of male : 9.5 cms (3.7″).

Height of female : 15.4 cms (6.1″).

Length of female : 30 cms (11.8″).

Width of female (from wing to wing) : 30 cms (11.8″).

Weight : 45.5 troy ounces (1415 grams).

Excellent condition.


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