Elizabeth II Sterling Silver Tea Set on Tray – 1968/9


Hallmarked in London for 1968/9 by Carrington.

Sterling Silver.



A wonderful Elizabeth II Sterling silver tea set on tray which has been designed in the Georgian style and consists of a teapot on stand, a coffee pot, a cream jug, sugar basin and a circular tray. The detailing on each piece is attractive and remains in pristine condition. This impressive silver tea set has been made to the highest standard and would be perfect to use. The tea and coffee set has been made in London for 1968 by Carrington, the tray has been made in London for 1969 Carrington and the teapot stand has been made in London for 1969 by C.J.Vander. The total weight is 102.7 troy ounces (3,193 grams).

Complimentary postage is included within the price.

additional information

Height of coffee pot : 28.8 cms (11.3″).

Height of teapot : 16 cms (6.3″).

Height of cream jug : 15.5 cms (6.1″).

Height of sugar basin : 14.5 cms (5.7″).

Height of tray : 3 cms (1.2″).

Diameter of tray : 35 cms (5.4″).

Height of teapot stand : 2.2 cms (0.9″).

Length of teapot stand : 17.5 cms (6.9″).

Width of teapot stand : 13.8 cms (5.4″).

Total weight : 102.7 troy ounces (3,193 grams).

Excellent condition.


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